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Click each of the expandable headers below to reveal detailed instructions on each of the Tips.

Tip #1 - Add Descriptions to Your Images

Give Google more to search and index about your site.

Whenever you add images to your page content, never simply insert the image and walk away. Add a contextual description of what is in the image. Try to include relevant keywords in the description. Twitter hashtags or facebook links are even better.

Men playing golf description sample
Golf course description sample

Want to show off your golf course?

Include descriptions about the hole #, the best strategies for playing the hole and distinguishing features that set it apart from the rest! If you have a photo of a famous club member playing that hole, use it and name drop!

Got wedding photos?

Add a description of the venue, date and a quote from the happy couple! Make sure to always list the location in the photos. This will entice other engaged couples to check out your facilities for their wedding!

Wedding Description Sample

Why do this?

Adding context to any image strengthens your users’ associations with the image and therefore your club.
The more the user understands about your club, the more likely they are to become invested in it, as an admirer or member.

Tip #2 – Mix your public and private pages!

Security setting for both public and member pages

Consider mixing public and private pages to streamline and simplify your site.

If your site has relatively few pages, consider mixing your member-exclusive content pages with your public pages.

For example:  let’s assume that you have a complete Tennis section as part of your site map, but the only member-exclusive content relates to your rates for Tennis Instruction. Instead of creating an entirely new, separate Member Tennis section, consider adding a single page titled ‘Tennis Rates’ and set that page for member-only access.

Why do this?

It helps reduce the bulk of your site’s navigation.
When your members log in, they will not only see the sell features of your public pages,
but private pages will appear as additions to the existing navigation, streamlining the whole experience.

Tip #3 – Control Website Accountability

Members Only security setting

Applying Roles to Pages

Consider letting only certain Roles or persons within your organization have control over certain pages. Customized security access can be set using the E3 editor.

Tennis Pro Security Setting

Administrative Access

For example, it may be prudent to consider only allowing the Tennis Pro to have administrative access to update the Tennis page. This same principle can be applied to the other pages such as Golf, Swim and Spa.

Specific User security setting

Personalized Touch

Allowing one person to have control of a section allows for faster and more comprehensive updates as the information comes from the source. For your users, the section will have a more personalized touch and content written by those invested in its success is more effective at engaging users.

Why do this?

This creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the content being updated in any section where one person has control. It also allows for faster and more comprehensive updates, as the information is coming straight from the source.  For your users, it allows the section to have a more personalized touch and helps them get to know your staff.  Content written by those invested in its success is usually more effective at enticing users than a detached, dispassionate listing of services.