Project Management

Our Project Management service is best suited for clients with 20 or more users, and those with sophisticated needs. However, Project Management is available to any company that could benefit from an experienced Project Manager capable of delivering comprehensive attention to your installation. Project Management provides you with a senior resource to assess your specific operational needs, research and prepare solutions, manage developmental timelines and resources, and develop test plans and disaster recovery programs. This program is designed to provide you with high quality service for the duration of your project and to manage all aspects of the installation process. The Project Manager’s key focus is to champion the client’s project mandate.

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  • You will have a single point of contact, someone who understands your needs so that solutions can be tailored to your exact needs, and delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Higher levels of accountability resulting in projects that are delivered on time and on budget with increased quality.
  • Ability to quickly escalate your needs – your project manager will act as your behalf to get issues taken care of.
  • Increased risk assessment – your Project Manager will provides red flags at the right time, before you start working on project completion.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.