System Consulting

Our consultants are eager to help your club better understand your existing software and it’s capabilities. This is accomplished through the process of a system utilization assessment, the identification of training requirements, and in the end, a detailed action plan. All of which is provided to you FREE of charge.

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  • The Jonas Utilization Review process provides a complete overview of your company’s software and education needs. The results offer an in depth report of your clubs software utilization and include recommendations for software configuration, optimal usage and reporting recommendations, as well as proactive services needed for skill development. We assess your training and support needs to develop a plan to meet your specific objectives. We also outline targeted training courses and appropriate resources to help equip your staff with the skills and product knowledge to successfully carry out their daily work.

  • Benefits:
    • Develop a better understanding of your Jonas Club Management system as a whole and learn about its potential
    • Learn to use new enhancements within Jonas that will directly benefit your club
    • Receive recommendations for setup changes to increase the efficiency of current processes
    • Identify limitations in user knowledge and create an education plan for your staff
    • Our Utilization Review process creates an open forum for your club staff to voice their daily challenges and have them addressed

    If your club is interested in additional consultation or a System Utilization Review, please call us or email