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Club Management

Club Management is at the heart of the Jonas solution. Club Management and the applications contained within encompass the essential membership management, payment processing and retention tools needed to operate your business successfully.

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Installment Billing

The Jonas Installment Billing application provides the ability to handle multiple year charges, such as entrance fees and installment share purchases. Billings can be monthly, quarterly, annually, or done by a custom, negotiated plan.

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Gift Cards

The Gift Card application is a great tool for any club looking to increase revenue throughout their club. This application allows cash cards to be issued, activated, topped up, and redeemed at Point Of Sale stations throughout the club. All transactions are tracked, and detailed reports can be generated.

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Credit Book

The Credit Book application allows you to track tournament vouchers, gift certificates, and all other types of club-related credits. Everything from redemption of a voucher through the Point of Sale, to applying a credit to the member’s account, is made possible by way of this application.

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Prepaid Services

The Prepaid Services application provides an integrated solution for managing the advanced purchase of services at your club. These services can include anything from personal training sessions to lessons, classes, carts, and spa sessions. Integrated with your Point Of Sale and Club Management systems, Jonas Prepaid Services ensures an accurate flow of information and enables General Ledger postings based on sales and redemptions.

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Reciprocal Club Management

The Reciprocal Club Management application provides your club with a quick and proficient method of storing and billing members from any of your Reciprocal Clubs.

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Day Camp

The Day Camp application is an all encompassing day camp management solution, enabling clubs to easily create and manage attendance sheets, process payments, generate detailed reports, and much more.

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Just like any other popular rewards program, the Loyalty application creates an account for each of your members. They can then accrue points or dollars with purchases made on designated items in your dining room, bar, pro shop, or anywhere else that they regularly spend at your club.

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Locker Management

The Locker Management application enables clubs to define and maintain multiple areas, locker types, and status information for their in-house lockers. Whether used as a feature to identify the locations of a golf bag, for fitness lockers, or for other types of member-related storage, this application allows for monthly billings, detailed and vacant locker lists, and notes attached to each member.

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Credit Cards

The Credit Cards application integrates with multiple credit card processors, allowing payment processing either at Point Of Sale stations throughout the club or by way of pre-authorized payments against the member’s account. Within this application, ACH functionality is also available.

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Online Integration with Club Management enables your ClubHouse Online website to offer such features as Online Statements & Payments, Member Roster, Reservations, and much more. Our integrated clubbroadCast Email Marketing solution also allows your club to manage and execute targeted marketing campaigns.

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