Document Management

Save Time and Money by Managing
Your Documents Electronically

Document storage is a time consuming, labour intensive, and costly process. Just think about all of the wasted time you and other staff have spent filing and retrieving documents. Plus, if you’re storing documents off site, consider the fees charged by most document storage companies just to access or throw away your own files!

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Store Important Documents

Document Management is now available for your Jonas Club Management system, and it alleviates these issues. Document Management allows you to electronically store important system documents and associate them with specific members, vendors, employees and more for easy retrieval. You can even import scanned documents, emails, and other files into the system and attach them where you wish.

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Easily Retrieve Related Documents

Most importantly, all of your documents – both imported as well as those created by your Jonas Club Management system such as Statements and Chits – will now be stored in a single, central repository for easy retrieval. No more moving boxes and shuffling through cabinets. Just point, click and retrieve.

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Features At A Glance

  • Import PDF files, Emails, Word Documents, Spreadsheets and more.
  • Associate documents with Members, Vendors, Employees, Guests, Events and more.
  • Store all documents in one central repository for easy access and retrieval.
  • View documents directly within the inquiry screen.
  • Create automated tasks to grab and store documents in bulk rather than one at a time.