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Docitt is a new Document Management suite from Jonas Software which allows you to save documents and associate them with specific areas of your Jonas Club Management system for easy retrieval. This leads directly to your club saving money on excess printing and copying, and saving time by eliminating the tedious task of manually filing and searching for documents.

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Features At A Glance

  • Attach documents to specific Members, Vendors, GL Accounts, A/P Accounts, A/R Accounts, Banquet & Catering Accounts, Payroll Accounts, Fixed Assets and more.
  • View documents at a glance which relate to a specific account.
  • Open related documents in their native application.
  • Add expiry dates to documents so that they automatically drop off after a specified period of time.

Automatically Find Related Documents

Running simultaneously as a ‘helper’ utility within your Jonas Club Management System, Docitt automatically senses what area of the software you are currently working within and will display relevant archived documents.

For example, while viewing a Member File, Docitt will display all documents which are related to the specific member such as their original application form. If a user wishes to open a related document, they can simply double click to open the file within its native application (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).

Adding Documents

Docitt enables users to input, modify, add notes and even add expiry dates to documents. To add documents to the system the user quickly selects which area to associate the documents to (GL Account, Member File, Payroll, etc.) and then simply drags and drops scanned documents from the desktop.

Once documents have been added to the system, Docitt will prompt the user for document specific information such as document type, notes and even expiry dates which can be very useful for documents relating to Initiation Fees or Membership Information.

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