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clubbroadCast Email Marketing offers a radical improvement in the way that clubs can communicate with members, guests and prospects. clubbroadCast provides you with the ability to schedule campaigns, establish automated follow ups, track conversions, and manage your social media campaigns. It is also fully integrated to your Jonas Club Management System in a customized manner enabling the ability to use your club data to create tagested lists and delivery segments. The combination of its toolkit and integration to member data sets clubbroadCast apart from all other email marketing solutions.

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What is clubbroadCast?

clubbroadCast is an email marketing engine integrated to your Jonas Club Management System allowing you to target messaging based on data you have collected regarding members, guests and prospects. It gives you the ability to increase attendance at club events by focusing your efforts on members who are most likely to participate. It will assist in improving member satisfaction by targeting messages to those who would be interested instead of inundating the entire membership with emails, and it affords you the ability to drive new memberships by tracking and following up with prospects and guests, automatically.


Target specific segments of membership based on criteria such as preferences, buying patterns, demographics, geographic area, or any other member specific field tracked within your Jonas Club Management system.


Easily schedule emails to send at a later date. You can even have messages send a second time to recipients who didn’t click or open one of your emails.

Comprehensive Resporting

Track each campaign individually in terms of how many messages were delivered and/or opened as well as click through rates on individual links within messages. All of these can be exported as a spreadsheet or converted into a mailing list for further communication. For those that clicked on a particular link within a message, a specific follow up can be sent to further explore their interest.


Send communications based on member or guest behavior either at the club or on your website. For instance, if a member hasn’t purchased anything in 60 days, an email can be automatically sent to entice them to visit the club.

Social Integration

ClubbroadCast Email Marketing enables you to save time and effort, while further engaging your membership, with Social Media integration for Twitter and Facebook. Add social media to your interactive marketing by scheduling Twitter and Facebook posts well in advance, then participate in conversations about your brand and learn customer preferences through reports integrated with your Jonas Club Management software.

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