Tee Time Management

The responsiveness and efficiencies of your pro shop operation are an important reflection on your club’s ability to satisfy its members and guests.

The fully integrated Tee Time Management System can significantly help with this process. For example, using your current Jonas club Management member/guest database, you can quickly create player reservations. When a booking is created, the proper cart and green fees are automatically selected and member/guest rules are verified. The check-in process is also simplified allowing you to create individual or combined chits and proceed directly to Point of Sale for settlement!

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  • Quickly Book Tee Times

    The Main Reservation Screen allows for easy navigation between multiple courses and enables bookings to be made in a single touch! You can also perform a variety of tasks including player searches, block and group bookings, check-ins, cancellations and no-shows. In addition, the system allows you to add player and reservation messages, squeeze times, move or copy bookings and much more.

  • Pull Up Player Details from File

    The Player Details Screen allows for fast retrieval of member/guest information for booking purposes. You are automatically notified if any playing restrictions should be enforced and the appropriate green and cart fees are placed into the reservation based upon the course, date, and time. You can also update your member or guest database on the fly, view player history to alert staff on the booking habits of members/guests, and process credit card transactions using previously entered credit card information.

  • Check-In Groups at Once

    Checking in players is a snap! Tee Time Management allows you to combine player charges through an intuitive point and click process. You can easily create individual chits for each player in the group, or combine all charges onto one chit for easy processing through your Point of Sale system. This procedure can be a valuable time saver when many players are lining up at your registers, anxious to tee off.

  • Point of Sale Integration

    All sales items are transferred directly into your Point of Sale system. No longer will you have to ‘pick and choose’ green fees, and merchandise can easily be added to the bill and settled using your familiar tendering buttons. Player names and tee off times can also be printed directly on each player’s chit and presented to your starter.

  • Book Via Mobile Device, or Online, Anyime

    Be it 1:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m., your Tee Time Reservation System is always open for business, increasing utilization of your course, and satisfying a need that your members are coming to expect: Online Reservations through your club website or their mobile device.

    • Members can book a tee time in seconds, directly from your website or their mobile device
    • Reduce call frequency and pro shop wait times
    • When a reservation is made, the booking is placed into the system and the proper green and cart fees are automatically selected
    • No manual entry is required - Tee Time reservations made online flow directly to your Point of Sale
    • The Online Tee Time Reservation System automatically checks playing time restrictions and guest accompaniment rules to ensure that your club policies are followed
    • Allow members to participate in Online Tee Time Lotteries for in demand times
    • Real time Lottery results are posted online for members to view
    • Tee Time Lottery features “Smart Logic Matchups” to maximize Tee Time efficiencies by automatically pairing singles
    • Members can enter the “My Reservations” section and view/edit details of their upcoming reservations
    • Members receive an automatic email notification at the time their reservation has been made

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Lottery Draw methods.
  • Easy to use interface that accommodates bookings in seconds from your website or by way of manual staff entry
  • Supports multiple courses for block and group reservation processing
  • Fully integrated with Club Management, Point of Sale, Automated Credit/Debit Card Processing and Report Generator to ensure no duplication of effort while you work with real-time information
  • Parameter-driven for maximum control of your operation
  • The system ensures that your policies and procedures are being enforced
  • Flexible template designs to facilitate any type of tee sheet configuration for normal, tournament and even league play
  • The system automatically checks playing time restrictions and guest accompaniment rules
  • Detailed historic play information is kept for each golfer
  • Powerful reporting options including golf course revenue, number of rounds played, and weather conditions over time
  • Handicap integration with automatic update features (using club automation)
  • Email Notifications directly from the Tee Sheet (ie. frost delays)