Learning is the key to unlocking the full potential of your software. To ensure your staff efficiently uses the Jonas Club Management software system, and is up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements, we deliver specialized training courses in a variety of formats. To find out more, email, or call 1-800-352-6647.

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On-Site Personal Training

Our accredited on-site trainers visit your club and lead you through every facet of your Jonas implementation. They guide you to properly set up your applications to accurately reflect your business objectives. Our trainers show you how to make the best use of the software and upon completion of this training, your staff will feel confident using the Jonas Club Management system. To provide affordable solutions to our customers, the majority of on-site services are provided by accredited trainers in our Market Partner network.

One-on-One Training

We encourage continual learning during your post-implementation period. Our ‘One-on-One’ Internet-based e-Training option is a cost effective means to stay up-to-date with Jonas Club Management enhancements (over 300 every year!), train newly hired staff, or teach existing staff entirely new skills. This training option is very attractive because you can receive the personal attention you need without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses.



E-Training is a very practical way to continue your education. It is ideal to stay up-to-date with new features and to fast-track your club’s learning requirements. We publish a new course itinerary on our Support Center Portal ( each month, from which an array of courses are available that cater to the most popular Jonas Club Management educational topics. You can sign-up for these sessions online and participate in the comfort of your own office. We encourage you to have many staff members attend! After your attendance is confirmed, you simply login to our training website, call into our meeting center, and you are ready to go!